Do not trade or disclose my personal information

This article elucidates how Chkflix furnishes users with meaningful choices regarding the information it may collect. Below, we delineate controls accessible to Chkflix members, and there may be additional controls available whether or not you are a Chkflix member, contingent upon the devices, web browsers, or apps you utilize. This article may undergo updates periodically to reflect changes.

In adherence to the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, amended by the California Privacy Rights Act in 2020, Chkflix affords California residents certain rights to opt-out of specific disclosures of personal information. Residents of other states, such as Colorado and Virginia, may also find this information pertinent.

Member Controls: Upon subscribing to your Chkflix account and logging in through a compatible web browser, you can access controls described below. Note that using these controls aids Chkflix in understanding your choices as a member but does not affect other controls that you may exercise when not associated with a Chkflix account.

Chkflix’s Ad Supported Subscription Plan – Behavioral Advertising Opt-out: Chkflix provides the option to opt out of behavioral advertising on its ad-supported subscription plan. This option is available for non-Kids profiles, and you can manage it by selecting the appropriate profile and changing the “Behavioral Advertising” option in the “Privacy and Data Settings” of the “Account” section on the Chkflix website.

Matched Identifier Communications from Chkflix: Chkflix may use privacy-protected contact information for online promotions. You can opt out of this by selecting the appropriate profile and changing the “Matched Identifier Communications” option in the “Privacy and Data Settings” of the “Account” section on the Chkflix website.

Other Forms of Choice and Control: If you are not logged in or not a Chkflix member, your devices, web browsers, or apps may allow you to control certain information Chkflix might collect.

Cookies: For more information about cookies set through the Chkflix website and to exercise choices regarding them, you can click here. Chkflix responds to a Global Privacy Control signal from California residents.

Resettable Device Identifiers: Chkflix may use resettable device identifiers for behavioral advertising or in an ad-supported subscription plan. You can control the setting of a resettable device identifier by configuring the appropriate setting on your device.

Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) Opt-Out Control: Third parties participating in the DAA Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising, which may collect information on Chkflix services, can be managed through the DAA opt-out tool.

For more information on stopping certain uses of personal information, visit the Chkflix help articles on managing emails and text messages.

Global Privacy Control (GPC)/Universal Opt-out (California Only): Under California law, Chkflix responds to opt-out signals received through a user-selected web browser signal, such as Global Privacy Control (GPC). The response to a GPC signal depends on the member’s login status and subscription plan.

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